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Celebrating World Oceans Day – Thoughts from Oceanic Ambassador Mel Trevino

Melodie Trevino - April 21, 2020 - 0 comments

Saturday, June 8th is World Oceans Day. In the days leading up to it, we are sharing messages of hope from our team of Oceanic Ambassadors.

Today we bring you a message from former Olympic diver, technical cave explorer, and MBA in sustainable development focused around dive centers, Mel Trevino.

I’ve been in the water since I was I child, being a former diver (Olympic diving) for the Mexican National Team then by becoming a Scuba Diver and focusing my professional career around diving, I gained a whole new perspective of the power of the ocean, that is waiting for us all to discover and preserve it.

The lack of information about what the ocean does for us and what we can do to preserve it is huge, due to the current circumstances; this is a big opportunity for everyone to spread the word about good practices and how one step at a time we can create consciousness in other people’s minds. I’m a believer that there’s no empty word said towards education and preservation.

I personally stopped eating fish and any other product from the ocean a couple years ago; I don’t buy plastic water bottles and none of our establishments do either. We use renewable energy, and we did a bold project to reduce and treat the water that at some point gets back to the ocean, we don’t sell any products from the sea and I try to give my best self to the people I spend time with and spread my passion about the ocean and how we can help to preserve it.

I feel very enthusiastic about how the younger generations are worried and focused on the future of our amazingly beautiful ecosystems and the passion put into efforts to preserve it. I’ve been invited to some universities to talk about what we do, our passion linked to nature, and ways to preserve it; and every day I see people more involved and well informed about the impact we have on those amazing creatures living in our oceans and those unique ecosystems, I say our oceans because they are ours, meaning our home (even though you have never been to the sea) – and basically it is, our oceans are responsible of the production of more of 85% of the oxygen of planet earth, meaning in hard numbers if that percentage of oxygen drops significantly because of the lack of production of the phytoplankton that lives in our very own oceans we all would “disappear” in a snap, if that’s not an enough reason to protect it then I don’t know what would be…

To conclude, we are so fragile that even at the surface (by keeping on living like there is no tomorrow) or depth (with a mix of gases) we are just one step from making a mistake that may end our time in this beautiful amazing world… Same with our planet, our wildlife and our ocean; we are just one step from ditching all the amazingness of this world either because we ignored the real deal or because we think it’s going to last forever and clearly it will not. The good part is that we are also one step closer to protecting what we love.